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Physics: Writing & Citing

Useful resources for the study of physics

Reference Management Software

Reference management software makes writing and citing easy. There are a variety of tools you can try that are freely available. Just import your research references and create your bibliography in one click!

Citation Intro

Why do We Cite?

Citing the sources of your research is very important.

1. It allows other who are reading your work to find the information sources that you used.

2. Citing peer-reviewed and highly regarded work in the literature gives your work more credibility.

3. Helps you to avoid plagiarism. It is very important that any quotation, opinion, or idea that is not your own be attributed to their original source.

Citation Styles

AIP Style refers to the citation format established by the American Institute of Physics. AIP is the format commonly used in the field of physics. AIP is a numbered style with references numbered in the order of appearance in the article and listed in that order at the end of the article.

Another popular style used in University writing is the Chicago Manual style. There are a few resources for this style below.

Writing Resources