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Physics: Books

Useful resources for the study of physics

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Use our library catalog to find books in the LRC. Type your search terms in the search box and click Search. 

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Search Tips

When you search for items in the library catalog, there are some tricks to getting the results you want.

1. When you enter your search terms, our catalog will suggest possible search terms. These suggested terms can help you to narrow down your research area.

2. Once you have performed a search within the catalog, look on the left-hand side for filtering options. Many times you can limit the publication dates, the type of item you're viewing (book, ebook, video, etc.), and you can even narrow down your search interest by subject or language.

3. Consider using your Boolean Operators, such as AND, OR, and NOT to narrow down your search.

Browsing the Collection

Do you prefer to browse the books on the shelf? Here's a guide to point you in the right direction. The combination of letters and numbers you see below is part of a book's call number. Books are arranged by call number so that items with similar subjects are together on the shelf. If you look on the shelf in these call number ranges, here are the subjects you will find:

QC - Physics

QC1-75                    Resources about physics in general

QC81-114                Weights and measures

QC120-168.85         Descriptive and experimental


QC170-197              Atomic Physics

QC221-246              Acoustics

QC251-338.5           Heat

QC350-467              Optics

QC474-496.9           Radiation physics

QC501-766              Electricity and magnetism

QC770-798              Nuclear and particle physics.

                                Atomic energy. Radioactivity.

QC801-809              Geophysics. Cosmic physics

QC811-849              Geomagnetism

QC851-999              Meteorology. Climatology



While we do have ebooks in the main catalog, you can also search Ebrary or Ebscohost. A search in these databases will look for your search terms not only in the title of an ebook but also within the ebook itself. This is useful when you have a very specific topic that is mentioned in multiple publications but not in the title information. Type in your search terms in the boxes below and click Search.



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