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Alabama U.S. Representatives  – Use this directory to find your representative's contact information and House committee assignments.

Alabama U.S. Senators

  – Find your senator's contact and biographical information, and view a Senate organizational chart.

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"Free access to government information for all."

Federal government documents, published by Congress and its agencies, are made available to the public through GPO, the Government Publishing Office and the FDLP, the Federal Depository Library Program. The Learning Resource Center, a Selective depository, receives items from GPO, maintains the collection in various formats, and makes it accessible to the public. Topics appeal to everyone.  Discover how to grow a tomato or how to get help after a disaster. Learn historical facts or get current information on hot topics like immigration.  Research anything related to Congress, including proceedings that occur on a given day, old and new hearings, laws and regulations. Statistics are available from many different departments. From Agriculture, Business and Education, find statistics on agriculture crop yields, exports and imports, and school crime and violence. 
LRC maintains tangible items in the Government Documents stacks while providing links to information through the library catalog and this library guide. We are excited to announce that LRC is transitioning to become a complete digital library. We will have the same wide scope of information available to you without a paper trail. If you need assistance, please ask a librarian to help you navigate and remember that Inter-Library Loan is available to request items from other depositories.  For now, feel free to use the print and tangible items from our stacks. We ask only that the documents be used in house during normal business hours.

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                   SEARCH FOR FEDERAL BENEFITS AND SERVICES.                   

            Federal student aid, housing, health, jobs, taxes, scams and much more.      

Access data about the United States, including quick or detailed facts about people, places, and the economy.  Use statistics to create tables and data sets. 
Search for over a million documents and link to popular sources.  Browse using an A-Z category list or use title, date, authors and committee.  Take advantage of Tutorials and Handouts.
A finding tool for print and electronic documents dating back to 1970.



        Publications about the U.S. budget for a Fiscal year. (1996-Presemt)

        Permanent Rules of Departments and Agencies.

       Daily and weekly official materials, released by the White House. (1992 to present)

        Biographies and members of Congress.

        Proceedings and debates of Congress. (1994 to present)..(.prngs and debates of Congress

       This edition includes Supreme court decisions and analysis. (2014) 

        National economic information, includes income, employment, production. (1995-Present)

        Annual report of the nation's economic progress. (1996-Present)

       A daily journal of agency rules, proposed rules and public notices. (1936-Present)

       Statistics: social, political, economic, and geographic development from 1610 to 1970.    

      Jobs and projected view of jobs for upcoming years.

        Presidents' writings, addresses, and remarks. (Hoover, 1929-OBama, 2016)

        Permanent laws of Congress. (1951-Present)

        Most recent proposed laws not yet accepted by Congress. 

        Laws organized by subject matter: 51 titles. (1994-2021)

        Agency information from government branches, organizations, boards and committees. 

        Supreme court opinions, orders and other materials. (1991-the present)






News from the GPO

The New Titles page is an easy way to find all the latest documents added to the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP). It provides access to new documents in many different formats, such as print documents, electronic documents, or eBooks. It also provides information on documents that are still in-process. Users can look for documents in a particular range of time by clicking on specific timeframes, such as Last Seven Days or Last Three Months.

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