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CETPS: Alerting Services

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What can an alert service do for you?

Alerting services (also called current awareness services) can provide lists to newly added content to you automatically. Alerts can be sent from publishers, article-indexing databases, or third parties that combines these sources.  Most of our databases have this service available; all you have to do it create a personal account.  Just look for the link on each database to "Create an account".

There are several kinds of alerts you can receive, through email or RSS feeds:

Table of content alerts
Receive the table of contents of newly published journals you have selected, often with links to the publisher's site with the article (that may not be the location where we obtain the article, however). These are often available well before the print issue is published.
Search alerts
Also called Saved Search Alerts or Keyword Alerts. Create a search that is periodically re-run, with new matches to your search criteria sent to you. Construct a well focused search to limit the number of results sent and to ensure results are on-topic.
Citation alerts
You can track when a specified article or author is cited in newly published articles with citation alerts. Most publisher sites limit results to citations appearing within their own journals, while databases can provide citations from many sources.
New publication alerts
Receive notification of new publications (other than journal issues) from a publisher or professional organization. This could include books, proceedings, newsletters, standards, etc.

Current year publications, both books and articles, may have a publishers embargo on lending and will not be available through Interlibrary Loan.