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PHY 101- Physical Science I: Energy

This guide complements the course for Physical Science I


The third chapter of your textbook focuses on Energy. Some of the important concepts in this section include work, energy, momentum, and relativity.

Library Resources

Linear Momentum and Newton's Laws

Linear Momentum and Newton's Laws of Motion

"In section one of this program, colliding basketball players demonstrate the Principle of Conservation of Momentum, while section two debuts all three of Newton’s Laws of Motion, as illustrated by moving a large bookcase, hanging from a rope, and pushing against a wall. Newtonian concepts of inertia, force, mass, weight, equilibrium, tension, and momentum, plus free-body diagramming, are also covered. “Live the laws, love the laws, be one with the laws.” 

Useful Videos

The Special Theory of Relativity

"This group of 12 concise computer-animated videos illustrates Einstein’s monumental contributions to the study of light. Showing how rudimentary ideas of material wave motion yielded to more advanced concepts of electromagnetic waves, the program details Einstein’s conclusions about the speed of light and his conception of time—which, given his findings on mass and energy, proceeds according to variable frames of reference. Relativistic thought experiments, conveyed through helpful animation, demonstrate simultaneity, time dilation, length contraction, and relativistic mass."