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Chemistry 101 and 101L- General Chemistry: Course Intro

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Course Description

A study of the fundamental laws of matter that governs physical and chemical changes.  Atomic and molecular theories, atomic structure, periodic functions and classification of the elements.  

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will understand the basic structure of atoms, ions and molecules and ways to quantitatively describe these properties.

2. Students will understand the reactivity of atoms, ions and molecules, and the methods for describing chemical reactions.


3. Students will understand the concept of chemical equilibrium, and the energies that drive chemical reactions;  an introduction to thermodynamics.


4.  Students will understand the concept of chemical kinetics and the energy required to initiate a chemical reaction .


5.  Students will understand the relationship between the electronic configurations of atoms and molecules and their chemical properties.

Subject Guide

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Meet the Instructor

Malinda Gilmore, Ph.D.