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Counseling and Guidance: Books

This Guide is designed to help students in the fields of Counseling and Guidance find relevant and reliable information.

Reference Books


Use our library catalog (AMCat) to find books in the LRC. Type your search terms in the search box and select the red arrow button to begin your search.

Finding Books

To locate books in our catalog, make sure your keywords are entered into the serch line. If desired, change "everything" to "subject" or "title" or any of the other choices from the drop-down window.  Doing so will narrow your choices. Below, I have listed some books that might be of interest to you in Counseling or Guidance.

Psychology Dewey Numbers:

126--The Self 158--Applied Psychology
127--The Unconscious & the Subconscious    170--Ethics
135--Dreams and Mysteries 171--Ethical Systems
150--Psychology (general) 173--Ethics of Family Relationships
152--Perception, movement, emotions & drives    174--Occupational Ethics
153--Mental processes & Intelligence 175--Ethics of Recreation & Leisure   
154--Subconscious & altered states 176--Ethics of sex & reproduction
155--Differential & developmental psychology 177--Ethics of Social Realtions
156--Comparative Psychology 178--Ethics of Consumption
179--Other Ethical Norms

Subject Guide

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