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Reading - Teacher Education: Websites

Scholarly Websites

US Department of Education

Provides information about the Department's offices, programs, information and assistance services, funding opportunities and education statistics

Literacy Research Association

The Literacy Research Association (LRA) is a community of scholars dedicated to promoting research that enriches the knowledge, understanding, and development of lifespan literacies in a multicultural and multilingual world. LRA is committed to ethical research that is rigorous, methodologically diverse, and socially responsible. LRA is dedicated to disseminating such research broadly so as to promote generative theories, informed practices and sound policies. Central to its mission, LRA mentors and supports future generations of literacy scholars.

Reading Education Websites

Contains websites that cover topics in research and development, global advocacy, and teaching and learning.


Evaluating Websites

Evaluating Websites is an important part of finding reliable information. Anyone can create a website so it is important to evaluate the site for reliability. Websites should meet the following criteria to be considered scholarly:

Accuracy: The site contains accurate information

Authority: The site author or organization is a recognized leader or expert in their field.

Currency: The site is current and regularly updated.

Objectivity: The site provides unbiased and objective information.

Coverage: The site adequately covers their topic and maintains comprehensive focus.

Check out our tutorial on the Research Help page for more help on evaluating resources!


Subject Guide

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