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Using some tips courtesy of Purdue OWL

EasyBib using Google Docs Tutorial

More tutorials available on YouTube! Scan the left column in the website for more features about EasyBib.

Getting Started With Research


Conducting research for papers and projects is an important part of the learning process.  This guide is designed to help our academic community prepare to be effective researchers and consumers of information.  The research process has been defined many times but the basic steps are the same regardless of your subject, location, or grade level.

Steps to conducting research:

1.   Identify your research needs

2.   Plan your research strategy and prepare to research

3.   Locate appropriate and scholarly information

4.   Evaluate your collected information

The tools and strategies discussed in this guide will help you to have academic success as a student , increase your information literacy skills, and develop excellent life-long information consumer habits.


Research Skills

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