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Coronavirus COVID-19: Research Resources

COVID-19 INFORMATION We will continue to keep you updated on the latest developments with COVID-19 and our community's response.

Research Resources

      How the COVID-19 is Affecting Our Mental Heath
      Here are some of the most common signs and symptoms that indicate someone is suffering.

Sampling of Relevant Books in the AAMU Library Catalog


 Disease Diplomacy: International Norms and Global Security By:Sara E. Davies, Adam Kamradt-Scott, Simon Rushton Johns Hopkins University Press

University Press 2015. (eBook).


 ‚Äč Rhetoric of a Global Epidemic  By: Huiling Ding

ISBN: 9780809333202
ISBN: 10  9780809333202 (eBook) 
Publication Year:  2014


To Catch a Virus To Catch a Virus By:John Booss and Marylin J. August 

ISBN: 9781555818586

ISBN-10: 978155818586 (eBook)

Publication year: 2013



The Sars Epidemic 
By: John Wong and Yong-nian Zheng

ISBN 9789812389480 
ISBN 9789812565556 (eBook)

Publication Year: 2004

To catch a virus