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Coronavirus COVID-19: Combat Misinformation!

COVID-19 INFORMATION We will continue to keep you updated on the latest developments with COVID-19 and our community's response.

Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center

As a new strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 spreads across the glove, so does disinformation and misinformation. Follow the spread of this dangerous information with NewsGuard's new Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center.

Listed on the site are all the news and information sties in the U.S., the U.K., France, Italy, and Germany that NewsGuard has identified - more than 100 so far - as publishing materially false information about the virus. You'll find websites that are notorious for publishing false health content, and political sites whose embrace of conspiracy theories extends well beyond politics. Among the hoaxes these sites publish are that swallowing bleach or colloidal silver will prevent COVID-19 - when, in fact, these "treatments" can be harmful. You'll also see some sites that generally stick to the facts, but have published unvetted, poorly sourced stories that turned out to be false.

Learn more about how to identify misinformation and understand what makes a source accurate and reliable.

"Is This Fake News?: Identifying Misinformation and Propaganda."



Thanks to Tennessee State University!

Centers for Disease Control

Centers for Disease Control

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Today, access and sharing of information are just right at our fingertips. With this convenience, comes the need to sort through information to check accuracy and intent. We have developed this Misinformation and Disinformation: A Guide for Protecting Yourself to help readers assess data credibility and significance. This guide also provides resources on fact-checking, prevention, and reporting misinformation.


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