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National Suicide Prevention Month

AAMU Observes Suicide Prevention Month




September is National Prevention Suicide month. AAMU faculty, staff, and students observe this annual month long campaign to raise awareness about suicide prevention, reduce stigma around the topic and encourage those in need to utilize available resources.

Student of Concern and Suicide Prevention (SOC)

A student of concern (SOC) is any student who is seen displaying a disruptive or dangerous behavior or action that could interfere with their ability to learn and be successful on campus. This behavior or action can result in disruptions to other students and possibly interfere with the living and/or learning environment on campus.

We all have a responsibility to support one another and if you think something may be wrong, you can make an anonymous report to ensure the SOC gets the help they need. If someone is an immediate threat to self, others, or property you should treat that as an emergency and contact AAMU Department of Public Safety at (256) 372-5555 or 911.


  • Noticeable change in behavior
  • Poor hygiene
  • Periods of high anxiety
  • Irregular class attendance
  • Threats to self-harm or harm others
  • Class disruptions
  • Extreme changes in weight and/or appearance
  • Appears under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • Writing or art that appears concerning

This is not an inclusive list and may not have mentioned all types of concerning behavior. If you feel something is concerning but aren’t sure, you can submit an anonymous alert through Red Flag which will notify AAMU campus administrators and call DPS at (256) 372-5555.