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Resources that are useful to those in the Mathematics field of study.


Welcome to the research guide for the disciplines of mathematics and statistics. Here you will find books, journals, online resources, and tutorials to assist you with your research. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me via email or phone. 

Math Humor

By Bill Amend and available here: by Bill Amend - "Math Hipsters" published September 24, 2017 - Jason says: You're using a calculator? Pshaw! Eileen says: What's wrong with using a calculator? Jason says: Nothing, if you're lame. Calculators just spit out answers! There's no craft! No art! No journey to savor! Plus they're digital, so they can only approximate some values. As a result, I bet there are people out there who actually believe Pi equals 3.14159265. That's why for my problem-solving money, nothing beats a slide rule. Eileen says: Math hipsters are so annoying. Jason says: Just look at these analog square roots! Marcus says: You're using a slide rule? Pshaw!


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