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Information Literacy: Faculty/Staff Collaboration

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Faculty Resources

The information literacy sessions at the LRC provide hands on experience planning research, accessing materials in the library, and evaluating resources. The Information Literacy and Information Services department hosts a variety of courses in different formats.

Types of Instruction Available

Classroom Instruction - The Information literacy department coordinates classroom instruction for faculty members.  These classes are usually held at the LRC in the information literacy classroom or a training lab.  Classroom instruction can also be conducted in the instructor's classroom by request.

Subject and Course Guides - Subject and course guides are designed to help students and faculty navigate the resources available in the library.  They are subject or course specific and offer access to a variety of resources in a specific discipline.  These guides are created and maintained through the information literacy and information services department at the LRC.  Faculty members can request the creating of these guides based on their subject or offered courses.

Online Instruction - The LRC offers online information literacy classes.  The classes are designed to meet the instructional needs of the faculty while developing the student's research and library access skills.  The LRC offers Blackboard courses, self-paced online sessions, and remote-hosted online courses.

Assignment Design - The LRC will assist faculty members in designing information literacy assignments.  these assignments are great tools to introduce students to library materials and resources.  these assignments can be completed in the library or virtually, depending on the needs on the instructor.

eReserves - Offers instructors the potential to provide required classroom reading materials electronically.  Through eReserves, students are able to access materials remotely and begin to focus their academic energy on evaluating content instead of obtaining materials.

Who We Are


Research and Information Literacy Services 

Mrs. Thedis W. Bryant, Assistant Director of Research, Public, and Information Literacy Services. 

To the faculty members of AAMU: I am passionate about academic libraries and their goal to support the university mission of instruction, research, outreach, and Information Literacy. 

As the acting Assistant Director of Research, Public, and Information Literacy Services, I thrive in an environment that focuses on academic excellence, and establishing and cultivating strong, positive, and long-lasting relationships with faculty, students and library constituents. I am equally excited about the opportunity to step into a position that will utilize my years of experience coordinating, managing, and overseeing customized university library instructional programs.

My experience at Clemson University, Albany State (ASU), Georgia Southwestern State (GSW) and Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University (AAMU) developed my ability to provide efficient and friendly instructional services in all disciplines to both graduate and undergraduate students.   I have taught in excess of 100 general and subject-specific library instruction classes to freshman students at Clemson University, GSW, and ASU. In addition, I coordinated and conducted many training sessions on utilizing proprietary online databases for academic research. In preparation for individual instructional sessions, I conducted extensive subject-specific research, to provide uniquely designed and customized training for faculty, staff, and students.  

My educational background is as follows: I am a 1984 graduate of Tuskegee Institute where I earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Business Administration and matriculated from Louisiana State University (LSU)  in 1995 with a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Albany State University (ASU). In closing I bring more than 19 years of experience in the library profession in my role as Agriculture Reference Librarian at Clemson University, Collection Development Librarian at Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW), and Collection Development and Acquisitions Librarian at Albany State University.

My motto is “Be mindful of what you say to others, because once you say it, you can’t take it back.”