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U.S. National Library of Medicine: Event Photos

"Good--and Healthy--Eating on a Budget" by Ms. Shikambra Cooper.

Ms. Tanisha Smith, AAMU Crisis Prevention, discusses mental wellness advice.

Thrive Alabama not only provides STI testing, they also offer essential medical care for the community-at-large.

Mrs. Thedis Bryant and her ORI 101 student.

ORI 101 students receive essential mental health insight from Ms. Tanisha Smith, AAMU Crisis Prevention.

Sophomore, A'ysha Callahan, readies herself for a healthy snack.

Ms. Shikambra Cooper serving up healthy "good" eats.

Thrive Alabama provides awareness and understanding of HIV and Hep C testing.

Mrs. Thedis Bryant hosting an Information Literacy Session for First Year/ORI 101 students.

Mrs. Bryant demonstrating use of NLM/PubMed databases.

Students inquire about the use of these resources can support their course of study.

Drake LRC director, Dr. Annie Payton and junior Nutrition major, Shikambra Cooper.

Drake LRC director, Dr. Annie Payton, poses with staff from Thrive Alabama.

Ms. Tanisha Smith discusses mental health awareness with community member and Dr. Annie Payton.

Junior student, Rickia Wilkerson, and librarian, Ms. Lenis McBride.

Student, Rickia, and librarian, Ms. McBride, proudly display their stickers from Thrive Alabama.