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Information Literacy: Arranging Class Instruction

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Professors should be present for library and InClass sessions.

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Type of Instruction


Library and Information Literacy Instruction

Location: At the LRC


These sessions occur at the LRC with hands on research experience for the students.They typically cover search strategies, choosing resources, evaluating sources, and research planning.


Blackboard Courses

Location: Remotely Accessed and Self-Paced

These courses have several modules including research planning, locating resources, evaluating resources, internet search skills, and citation lessons.  Each module has mini lessons and short online assignments for students which can easily be customized per an instructor's request.

InClassroom Sessions

Location: Instructor's Classroom


A scheduled librarian will visit an instructor's classroom to introduce library resources and initiatives.

Remote Literacy Sessions

 Location: Remotely Accessible anywhere

These sessions are hosted online by LRC librarians.  These classes can be scheduled and administered for any classroom with internet access.

Course-specific web pages (Subject and Course Guides)

Location: Accessible anywhere and self-paced


These guides direct students to appropriate scholarly resources for their discipline. The guides are created specifically for courses or subject at the instructor's request. 

Embedded Librarian 

Location: Accessible anywhere


The embedded librarian sessions are designed for online courses.  These sessions provide online learners the opportunity to  become familiar with library resources and practice library research skills.





  • Request a session seven days before your preferred date. 
  • Provide as much information on the request form as possible.
  • Professors should be present for Information Literacy class sessions.


Information Literacy News

Available Sessions

Available Information Literacy Sessions

  • Introduction to Library Resources
  • Beginning Research Strategy
  • Advanced Research Strategy
  • Using Electronic Resources including journals, books, media, and scholarly websites.
  • Tutorial/Peer Helper training
  • Evaluating Scholarly Resources
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • APA Citation Style
  • MLA Citation Style
  • Information Literacy for the Online Learning Environment