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CHE 330-Environmental Chemistry: Course Intro

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Course Description

Environmental Chemistry

In this course students will use the fundamental principles of chemistry to gain an understanding of the source, fate, and reactivity of compounds in natural and polluted environments. Emphasis will be placed on the environmental implications of energy utilization and on the chemistry of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. Environmental issues that will be discussed include climate change, air pollution, stratospheric ozone depletion, pollution and treatment of water sources, and the utilization of insecticides and herbicides.



The course will begin with a description of the environments of Earth for that is where the chemistry we consider occurs. Environmental chemistry differs from "test tube" chemistry. That is, we need to consider extremely heterogeneous mixtures, quite unlike the well defined recipes of laboratory chemistry.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion for this course:

At the completion of the course, students should know the general development of environmental chemistry, grasp basic concepts of environmental chemistry and basic theories of prevention and control of air, water, and soil pollution.


Methods of Assessing Outcomes:

Assessment will be achieved through quizzes, presentations, homework assignments, midterm exam, and final exam.

Subject Guide

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