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CHE 315- Chemistry Seminar & Internship: Course Intro

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Course Description

Chemistry Seminar and Internship

This course will help prepare students for the Chemistry Graduate Record Exam (GRE), Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT); Dental College Admissions Test (DAT); and the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT). The format is such that it can be expanded to include other standardized tests, such as nursing, optometry, physical therapy, and other pre-health professions examinations.

This will be an on-line course which will include in-class lectures in: verbal reasoning, writing, speed reading, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.


Learning Outcomes

Students should at the end of the course be able to:

1. Understand the essence of taking standardized tests.

2. Understand the concepts of chemistry on the MCAT, DAT, and the PCAT.

3. Understand the concepts of physics on the MCAT, DAT, and the PCAT

4. Understand the concepts of biology on the MCAT, DAT, and the PCAT and GRE.

5. Understand the concepts of mathematics on the MCAT,DAT, and the PCAT and GRE.

6. Understand the concepts of verbal reasoning on the MCAT, DAT, and the PCAT.

7. Choose internships that will assist in the preparation of chemistry graduate school, medical, dental, and pharmacy school and other premedical professions education.

8. Learn sources of financial assistance for graduate, medical, dental, and pharmacy school.

Subject Guide

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Information Literacy
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Meet the Instructor

Dr. Razi Hassan

411 Carter Hall