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CHE 301: Course Intro

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Course Description

A course designed to give the student a thorough working knowledge of the fundamentals of organic chemistry. The nomenclature, structure, properties and reactions of organic compounds are studied from an integrated approach, considering the interrelationships of structure, properties, and reactions. The topics will include saturated and unsaturated aliphatic compounds, cycloalkanes, alkyl halides, stereochemistry, alcohol, ethers and radical reactions.


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the various organic functional groups present in the structure of an organic molecule. 
  • Give the correct IUPAC and common names of an organic compound when provided the structure of the compound, and give the correct structure of a compound when provided the name. 
  • Illustrate basic concepts of structure and bonding in organic compounds, including constitutional isomerism, stereoisomerism, conformational analysis, and structural effects on the physical and chemical properties of organic compounds. 
  • Apply fundamental chemical principles including acid-base behavior to explain the chemical behavior and reactivity of organic compounds. 
  • Illustrate basic concepts relating to reactivity of organic compounds, including: substitution, addition, elimination, oxidation-reduction and free radical reactions and the mechanisms for these reactions. 
  • Predict the product(s) of an organic reaction(s) consisting of one or several steps, correctly taking into account aspects of stereo-, regio-, and chemoselectivity.


Subject Guide

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