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BIO 330: Course Intro

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Course Description


Microbiology – 3hrs. A study of the properties of   microorganisms, their influence on  disease transmission, higher plants,   animals, food, environment, agriculture and industry. The course covers the   fundamental principles of Microbiology. It emphasizes the classification,structure, physiology, culture, distribution, identification, control and role of microorganisms in nature. 


Student Learning Outcomes


  1. Compare and distinguish the basic groups of microbes, including prokaryotic microbes (Archaea, Bacteria), and Viruses, and eukaryotic microbes.
  3. Compare and contrast major pathways of biosynthesis and list the key products of each pathway
  5. Draw a typical microbial growth curve, and predict the effect of different environmental conditions on the curve
  7. Compare and contrast the acquisition of novel genetic information in microbes via mutations and genetic exchange, specifically conjugation, transformation and transduction.
  9. Compare and contrast eneficial and harmful uses of organisms, including applications in biotechnology and bioterrorism.

Subject Guide

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